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The Peak of World Oil Production and the Road to the Olduvai Gorge, Pardee Keynote Symposia • presented by Richard Duncan at the Geological Society of America's Summit 2000, Reno, Nevada [November 13, 2000]

"The Last Oil Shock" -- BBC News, The Money Programme. "Britain faces the prospect of closed filling stations ... There are scientists who believe that the recent problems are just a foretaste of what is to come ... [that] from 2005, the world will face a permanent ... shortage of petrol..." [November 8, 2000]

Vers un Déclin de la Production Pétrolière, by Jean Laherrère in French, given at the Institut Superieur Industriel de Bruxelles, colloque " Energie et developpement durable ". [October 11, 2000]

Will the Oil Sheikhs Kill off Goldilocks? [September 10, 2000]

Interview - Yamani says OPEC accelerating end of the oil era. [September 5, 2000]

Norway Can't Help Curb Crude Prices [September 1, 2000]

The Big Rollover: Les Magoon at the USGS has a minority opinion about the latest USGS report. [August 14, 2000]

U.S. Senate Panel Approves Bill to Punish OPEC. Can anyone explain what would happen if OPEC members withdrew even a small portion of their funds invested in the US in anticipation of maneuvers suggested in this article? [July 27, 2000]

BP Amoco has changed its name and its logo. Depending upon your point of view, BP now stands for "Beyond Petroleum" or "Burning the Planet." [July 25, 2000]

OPEC says would not pump more crude oil. "OPEC reversed course [today] and announced it would not pump more crude oil, sending U.S. prices rocketing by more than $1 a barrel and prompting a plea by the Clinton administration for the cartel to reconsider its action." Reuters [July 18, 2000]

Securing future energy supplies is a pressing problem for mankind." Jürgen Schrempp, chairman of the DaimlerChrysler Board of Management [June 19, 2000]

Evolution of Oil Assessments by Dr. Colin Campbell, demonstrating the trends of his analyses since 1989. [March 23, 2000]

U.S. Geological Survey World Petroleum Assessment 2000. "Excluding the U.S., the mean (expected) volumes of undiscovered resources are 649 billion barrels of oil (BBO), 4,669 trillion cubic feet of gas (TCFG), and 207 billion barrels of natural gas liquids (BBNGL). The estimated mean additions to reserves from discovered fields (potential reserve growth) are 612 BBO, 3,305 TCFG, and 42 BBNGL." (Press release) [March 22, 2000]

Science Magazine interprets this new study: USGS Optimistic on World Oil Prospects, "According to the latest estimates by the U.S. Geological Survey, the world has 20% more oil awaiting discovery in yet-to-be-found fields than the USGS estimated 6 years ago. And a newly analyzed category--oil lurking in and around known fields--offers almost as much additional oil as in those undiscovered reservoirs. But even if the additional oil is really there, pessimists argue that it pushes back the global production peak--and the end of the era of cheap oil--by years, not decades." [July 14, 2000]

Dr. Colin Campbell comments on the USGS report. [March 25, 2000]

Oil Supply: The Crunch Has Arrived!! "Only a significant fall in ... expected world oil consumption for 2000 can reduce the risk of a supply shortfall later this year, and then only if OPEC substantially or completely lifts its production quotas in March.... Supply shortfalls are inevitable after 2000 to at least 2003 due to the lack of appropriate investment in the Persian Gulf countries." (Brian Fleay) [March 13, 2000]

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