The Carbon War: Global Warming and the End of the Oil Era
Jeremy Leggett
The Carbon Wars

Allen Lane The Penguin Press
071399360X £ 8.99

0415931029 $16.95

Over the last decade, global warming has grown to be widely accepted as the single biggest threat to a viable future. THE CARBON WAR provides a fascinating insight into this burning issue, lucidly explaining the nature and scale of the problem that needs to be faced.

Beginning with Jeremy Leggett's days as a progressively guilt-stricken oil-consultant in 1988, THE CARBON WAR follows his subsequent resignation and move to Greenpeace, where for seven years he was a leading figure in the battle against the mighty 'Carbon Club' - the fossil fuel lobbyists - for cuts in greenhouse emissions. This personal account reveals the key players and business interests behind the scenes, and urges us to change our ways before it is too late.

JEREMY LEGGETT is a former Professor of Earth Sciences at Imperial College. He is currently the Associate Fellow in Solar Energy at Oxford University's Environmental Change Institute, and the Chief Executive of Solar Century, a UK solar power solutions company.

"a page-turning story in racy prose" "the final chapter is not only nail biting, but moves the reader to tears"
Daily Mail

"Jeremy Leggett is one of the half-dozen experts most responsible for putting climate change issues on the international agenda."
Mark Hertsgaard, Washington Post

"A wonderful and most important contribution."
Ross Gelbspan, author of The Heat Is On

"As compelling as a good thriller, the book deftly describes the machinations of what Leggett calls 'the carbon club'. Most readers will find it impossible to doubt the reality of global warming and its likely consequences after reading Leggett's account of the past decade."
Publishers Weekly

"The best book yet about the politics of global warming ...essential reading."
Sunday Times

"Racy... a powerful and highly readable book. Those who want a crash course on the nature of today's environmental movement and the politics of the climate negotiations can be assured of an excellent, reliable read"
New Scientist

"A ringside seat during 10 years of intense negotiations among some of the most powerful political and economic forces in the world ...vastly broadens our understanding ...a revelation. Suddenly the apparently contradictory nature of so much we have heard and read falls into place..."
Glasgow Herald

"The Carbon War is a must for anyone interested in observing how a few global oil corporations hijacked governments over the climate negotiations."

"provides ample evidence to support its assertions. ...Besides being a fiery prosecutor, Mr Leggett can also be a thoughtful and agreeable companion."
The Economist

"an exquisitely detailed, shocking account" "the tale is chilling, the cast of characters archetypical"
Globe and Mail (Canada)

"as compelling as a good thriller"
Publisher's Weekly (USA)

"Robust, colourful and compelling ..."
Global Environmental Change Report

"an encyclopaedic account invaluable source of reference to future generations seeking to know how the world came to this momentous decision."
Professional Investor

"Meticulously researched ...I do recommend this fascinating story of a victory that has won us the chance to change before it is too late."
John Gummer, former UK Environment Secretary.

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