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The Big Question Site of the Week at Seven Wonders: Is there an oil crisis? When will the Joy Ride End? [February 14, 2001]
"Quietly, foreign ownership of U.S. securities has reached extraordinary proportions." ... (Forbes Magazine) [August 7, 2000]
Kazakh offshore consortium announces oil discovery ... up to 50 Gb. (more about Caspian oil) [July 24, 2000]
Here are some recent news stories that demonstrate how the oil price game is being played out in the political arena:

High diesel cost hurting truckers: Consumers likely will pay the price later."All of agriculture is going to feel the higher diesel prices.... It doesn't matter what you grow, you burn fuel...."
Energy Secretary [flew] to Saudi in Crucial Oil Talks. "U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson flew to Saudi Arabia Friday to ask the world's largest oil producer to help reduce oil prices...
Saudi Response Pleases Energy Secretary. [February 2000]
An editorial -- Oil prices could rise more still -- World Oil [October 1999]
Year 2000 Computing Crisis, Readiness of the Oil and Gas Industries (PFD File). GAO Report on Oil Supplies -- Many Questions, Few Answers. See Y2K Links and Forums. [1999]
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